Thursday, October 31, 2013

Web Testing

Web Testing

- Timing difficulties (Asynchronous processes)
- Differences between browsers (Client side code running directly in the browser)
- New technologies that make web browsing a rich, but difficult-to-test, experience (Animation)
Web Testing Tools:
  • Functional/Regression Testing
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • Web Site Security Testing
  • Web Site Management Testing
  • Mobile Web/App Testing
Web testing tools are a common type of test tool, used for: - Scanning websites for broken or missing hyperlinks (Link checkers)
- Static analysis on HTML, checking for conformance to standards

Main Web Testing Methods
Functionality Testing:
  • Check all the links
  • Test forms in all pages
  • Cookies testing
  • Test HTML and CSS
  • Database testing - Testing the backend databases, like comparing the actual results with expected results
Web Page Usability Test:
  • A method of simulating the user's way of experience
  • Test for navigation
  • Content checking
  • Interface Testing
  • Compatibility Testing

Security Testing:
  • Testing for vulnerabilities of the web application

Performance Testing

Testing With Different Networks

  • operating systems
  • different databases
  • different versions

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