Saturday, May 23, 2015

Selenium layout image verification

     In the recent years Selenium became industrial standard with a vast amount of based frameworks. This article is continuation of the user agents I've shared in the past.  If you are in the web testing, there is pretty much no way you did not prepare UI tests with any of the WebDriver variations. Even if those tests are carefully designed, implemented or executed - sooner or later you will find out that something is missing from the picture. And this has nothing to do with your skills. It's actually related to the Selenium's nature - working with the DOM, may give you the desired automation (using WebElements and actions), but takes your focus from the page layout's validation.

    All those nice concepts of the HTML 5 stuff, may be good for the design and content, but you should think about how they limit your tests. The semantic web will get more and more complex, so we need to take actions too.  All inline CSS is now moved into separate resource.

    Answer yourself - how do validate the font, color or content of an WebElement ?

    Maybe such Computer vision approach will give you the answer.

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