Saturday, April 2, 2016

Coder scroll


    Some consider programming to be a form of art (including myself). Simply put, there is no easy way of accurately measure artwork. Small paintings can be more meaningful than big landscapes, even just one unique perception of a woman's smile can put your framed canvas at the Louvre Museum. If we all aim at our masterpiece, how we know when we have achieved it? If we're constantly learning new techniques and tools, can we ever find our best work?
    During the past several years, I have collected some of the coding techniques that I consider worth remembering and using. But as the list grows I'm staring to realize that the art is combining them, not utilizing all. So probably this is the best place to put a

Disclaimer: Code following all the principles described in the list is not possible but we should try to follow most of them until there is a suitable reason for not following any.

    You can find the coder scroll here...

    If someone knows such principles, techniques, rules or whatever we find useful and it is not currently present in this collection, please leave a comment and I will update the scroll.


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