Monday, October 27, 2014

Continuous delivery - DevOps (Hybrid cloud) architecture

I can't miss the fact that lately I see found more and more companies turning their attention to the concept of the Continuous delivery. Since I'm into the Automation, I really liked the idea of everything going around it. In simple words Automation-Continuous integration-Continuous delivery (-Continuous deployment). The pros are described in so many  articles  that I don't want to turn this is the just another. In my opinion, it's preferred because of the quality-centrist approach.

On the other hand with a similar speed I see another concept being raised with a lot of attention - DevOps. Again a lot of resources available to support or not. IMHO every programmer must know thing-or-two about software development (+ QA), operations, and services and the guys are dealing with them.

If you are already interested.....

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