Saturday, January 31, 2015

Enterprise Meta API Test framework

    I've been looking at the meta-framework concept from a long time now. The first glimpse was related with  the Continuous delivery, but very soon it became more than just an artifact. The abstract layer can give a lot, but also take a lot. If you're aiming to adopt the meta paradigm, then do it right. Very useful information on conceptual level can be found in this great article.

So far based on my experience I have two completely (hmm...but are they ?!?) implementations of such Meta API Test Framework. Both powered by diverse technologies and yet diverse methodologies.

First one is monolithic, modelling and unifying - an Enterprise edition. The clear advantages are coming from all it's characteristics already mentioned, but if we will stick to simple - its complete unified process. Take a look at Enterprise application integration.

At this point I'll stop at the point of describing the second implementation with just this - (high) abstraction packaging.

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