Monday, March 30, 2015

Hybrid UI test framework

    As integrated systems test automation frameworks sets the rules of automation of a specific product, they are used to support. This system integrates the function libraries, test data sources, object details and various reusable modules. These components act as small building blocks which need to be assembled to represent a business process. The framework provides the basis of test automation and simplifies the automation effort. By approach of automation the testing frameworks generally come in six flavours:

  • Linear (procedural code, possibly generated by tools like those that use record and playback)
  • Structured (uses control structures - typically ‘if-else’, ‘switch’, ‘for’, ‘while’ conditions/ statements)
  • Data-driven (data is persisted outside of tests in a database, spreadsheet, or other mechanism)
  • Keyword-driven
  • Hybrid (two or more of the patterns above are used)
  • Agile automation framework

  •     The one that is most interesting to me is the Hybrid one. If you want to read more... 

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